Equity & Social Justice Team

The Equity & Social Justice Team’s mission is to make equity and social justice a foundational principle in the Legislative Branch’s work to identify and dismantle systemic inequities both within the workplace and in public-facing policy and community engagement. The ESJ Team works in conjunction with the ESJ Office.

Subcommittee leadership and info

Chair: Act as spokesperson and point of contact of the ESJ team, as well as overseeing leadership team, ensuring work plan goals are met, and other leadership, administrative and communications duties.

Communications & Outreach: Increase engagement by supporting annual events, increase language access services, sponsor, and support continuation of proclamations, develop engagement tools. 

Events & Training:  Support ESJ trainings for legislative branch staff, sponsor, and support events. 

Organizational Practices: Promote fairness and opportunity in government by institutionalizing equity in hiring and recruitment practices, evaluate inclusive practices. 

Reporting: General scope of work of the reporting group that make up the ESJ Team include, but not limited to consolidation of information from each subcommittee to generate a bi-annual ESJ report to be presented to Council.

Contact the ESJ Office to learn more about the team and subcommittees: KCCESJ@kingcounty.gov

Affinity groups

Affinity Groups – also known as Employee Resource Groups – are employee-led groups formed around shared interests, issues, and backgrounds. Legislative Branch Affinity Groups are unofficial groups who meet on their own time and are not technically affiliated with the ESJ Team. These groups focus exclusively on protected categories as defined by federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws. Protected category-specific Affinity Groups address racism and other forms of oppression to advance the county’s equity and social justice goals. Learn more about these groups here.

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